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  • ​Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

  • Leadership Development

  • Workplace Culture

  • Succession Planning & Executive Placement

Think People’s solutions help your employees to learn skills proven to create inclusive, engaging, high-performing workplaces. Our experienced team of people scientists, organizational consultants, and business strategists provide practical, data-based solutions that deliver sustainable, tangible results. 



Our virtual and in-person training results in individual and organizational change where participants build cultural competence, higher emotional intelligence, stronger leadership ability, and improved intercultural conflict management skill. We help learners expand and sustain their learning through research-based, practical skill development that enables behavior change. Our courses give people tools to solve real challenges in their day-to-day work. We offer customization to tailor content in modules that fit your schedule.


We build effective, inclusive strategies and help with implementation that leads to action and growth. Our customized services are designed to develop the leaders and shape the culture your organization needs to navigate change. Practical and evidence-based approaches allow us to design a path forward integrated with your values and mission. Whether we're creating a Culture Roadmap to align your people systems with your business strategy; developing a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Strategic Plan; helping your Board with Succession Planning & Executive Placement; or solving a unique challenge, our actionable solutions drive strategic change.

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Our Leadership Track uses customized coaching plans to ensure leaders are equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to adapt and lead in times of organizational change and business complexity. This one-on-one transfer of skills allows learning to be amplified and put into action in the context of a leader’s work team.


Our Inclusive Coaching track quickens development by providing deep insight into how an individual’s background and experiences may shape their leadership. We address both the mind sets and behaviors that create opportunities or barriers when leaders and managers work with, serve or supervise diverse people.


Organizational Assessments:  Our organizational assessments provide a deep understanding of your culture based on the key drivers of an inclusive workplace. We provide a comprehensive 360° view of your organization based on a quantitative assessment, along with focus groups and interviews. This provides a clear vision of your current cultural strengths and gaps which is the foundation to build a precise plan to drive targeted culture change.


Individual Assessments: Our individual assessments provide objective mapping of employees' unique, job-specific, behavioral profiles. The internationally validated Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI®) provides insight on intercultural competence which sets the stage for growth and helps to shape a culture that supports your diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. We also use Pre-Hire and other assessments and development tools, including the Enneagram framework, to build emotional intelligence, increase the effectiveness of teams, and map leaders' individual results against the overall results of the organization to provide insight for change and growth .

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