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Want a Bottom-Line Boost from DEI? Focus on Inclusion – With Conscious Culture Cafe

Updated: Nov 19

Judy Ellis, my guest knows what she is talking about. She has been working with corporations on culture, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)  for 20+ years. Yet many companies miss opportunities to realize a positive bottom-line impact. 

Judy  has seen all kinds of DEI efforts–from watered-down versions of DEI, or merely a focus on the numbers–to true inclusion where businesses realize tremendous opportunities for increasing their competitive edge. 

Judy Ellis “Learning ways to unlearn the way we look at life to begin to learn how others may see . . . is one of the biggest leadership skills; it helps with not only diversity, equity, and inclusion, but with just being a good people leader.”

And guess what?

Inclusion, when authentic, can have a positive impact on the bottom line. 

Why? Because diverse points of view, when listened to and respected, bring innovation. And employees who are included in the decision-making bring fresh points of view that help companies identify and tap new markets. 

For example, Judy talks about her work with P&G many years ago. 

Case in point: a consumer products firm that was missing out on a lucrative market related to ethnic hair care  because their homogenous thinkers didn’t know anything about these needs. 

Judy recounts the following aha

“It’s like, is that really a market? Are you kidding me? It’s worth $3 billion and we’re not in it? Why is that? And now they have leading products in that space. That’s bringing lots of money...because (diverse) people have different experiences and know some things that others may not know.”

Judy advises on how to overcome our very natural biases or blind spots that conveniently allow us to protect ourselves. Sometimes we can’t see all that’s right in front of us. But, according to Judy, we can learn to uncover and correct for our blind spots. 

Here is a snapshot of a few topics we cover in this podcast…

  • The difference between an assimilation framework for diversity and a deeper and more beneficial approach to differences and inclusion 

  • How to approach DEI for an impact on the company’s bottom line. 

  • How to move from diversity measured by the numbers to inclusion that provides a true seat at the table of power and decision-making 

  • Ways to introduce diversity and inclusion into companies while avoiding resistance 

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