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Judy Ellis, M.A.

Judy is a leadership coach, organizational development consultant, and corporate trainer with over 30 years of experience in untangling complex interpersonal and organizational dynamics; particularly those related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Workplace Culture. Judy’s focused, direct, and warm approach delivers practical solutions in which both leaders and their organizations discover their best results.

Her one-on-one coaching enables solid advances whether the need is developing increased intercultural competence, higher emotional intelligence, stronger leadership ability, or improved conflict management skills. She has delivered culturally-adapted training around the globe with numerous institutions and corporations, including Toyota Motors and Procter & Gamble.

Think People’s consultants are people-side-of-business professionals who are experts in the “soft stuff” that is so often the hard stuff — diversity, equity, & inclusion; intercultural conflict; leadership; work culture; communication; organizational change; and employee engagement. We partner with our clients to envision possibilities, execute with excellence, and help you achieve breakthrough results.

Cathy Scrivner

Cathy Scrivner is a skilled consultant and
coach with a wealth of experience in all facets of
Human Resources gained from a career of
increasing responsibility in retail. Cathy
has facilitated Diversity & Inclusion training for over
15 years with Toyota Motors Manufacturing. She
has a Public Affairs degree from Indiana University
with an emphasis in Human Resources/Labor

Gary Agee, PhD

Gary Agee, PhD, is an accomplished and engaging

workshop facilitator and coach making use of his extensive academic training in the areas of social studies, theology, and social justice. He has provided training for
numerous educational institutions, non-profit
organizations, and corporations, including Toyota Motors


Megan Church-Nally, PhD

Megan Church-Nally, PhD, has a drive for social justice and
community that fuels her career. As an Assistant
Professor-Educator at the University of Cincinnati, Megan
serves in the psychology department and in the
Organizational Leadership program, speciYcally building
the NonproYt and Community curriculum, where they train
future leaders of nonproYt and community organizations.
In the corporate arena, Megan focuses on survey and
assessment design, compensation, and performance

Stacie Furst Holloway, PhD

Stacie Furst Holloway, PhD, is an award-winning educator
and scholar with more than 25 years of industry and
academic experience in organization development and
human resources. She currently serves as an Associate
Professor in the Department of Psychology at the
University of Cincinnati. As a consultant and organizational
partner, Stacie’s interests focus on using program
evaluation tools and workforce analytics to examine the
efficacy of various organizational programs and practices.

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